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Find Beauty in the Balance: How Your Lifestyle Influences Your Beauty and Wellness

A young woman in yoga clothes on a mat signifies how lifestyle influences beauty

Creating a glow from within that turns heads is easier than you think, and you don’t need a YouTube tutorial to do it

Key takeaways:

  • The basic building blocks of beauty begin with good nutrition, exercise, and a healthy mindset

  • Lack of sleep causes many health and beauty issues

  • Bad habits, such as smoking, can make you look older

Beauty is so much more than what is visible. It’s immediately noticeable when someone is confident and in tune with their style. That kind of attention-grabbing look doesn’t come from social media trends or YouTube tutorials. It can only be attained through careful cultivation of the mind, body, and spirit. When the body is in alignment, it shows in everything from the clothes you wear to the way you walk.

Attaining true beauty has more to do with how you take care of yourself than any face cream or fancy outfit. In today’s world, however, we are inundated with products promising magnificence for a small fee and scads of social media influencers showing us how perfection should look. The truth is that bringing balance to your lifestyle and peace to your mind allows true beauty to shine through. Your diet, habits, and environment have a direct connection to how you look and feel. Read on to find out how to align inner wellness with outer beauty for a timeless personal style that will always turn heads.

Eating right

Let’s start with healthy eating. A proper diet does more for outer beauty than any makeup can. It provides the body with the building blocks required for shiny hair, pearly teeth, and a clear complexion. Many packaged foods found in grocery stores are processed to stay fresher longer and dyed to look naturally colored, losing vital nutrients in the process. Fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and legumes give the body the essential vitamins and minerals it needs to look and feel its best.

A lack of essential nutrients is evident on the outside. Hair, fingernails, and skin are constantly renewed and require a steady supply of natural, healthy food to power the process. Without a good diet, skin looks dull and develops blemishes, fingernails are brittle, and hair is lifeless and dry.

Mind maintenance

A beautiful exterior only goes so far if there is inner turmoil and strife. Freeing the beauty within entails keeping a healthy mind, free of stress and negativity. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and depressed with so much negativity in the news, media, and everyday life, but limiting your exposure to the dark side of life helps brighten your outlook on the world.

Minimizing social media use and staying away from unsettling news programs is a great start. Adding some routine self-care habits to your life is even better. Meditation and aromatherapy are effective ways to keep the mind healthy and focused. Essential oils such as lavender and chamomile facilitate a feeling of calmness and help increase focus. They also help make managing emotions easier and provide a sense of harmony and content.

Get enough sleep

Sleep is as essential as food for a healthy human. Without a regular eight hours, the brain doesn’t function correctly, and the risk for depression and high blood pressure skyrockets. Lack of sleep causes thinning hair, lowers pH levels in the skin, and makes dark circles and bags under the eyes. There’s a reason it’s called beauty rest.

The body replenishes itself during sleep. Each stage of the process helps the body to rest and rejuvenate. Sleeping helps the mind stay sharp and allows the muscles and tendons to regain the energy they spent during the day.

Two young women laughing and having coffee in a café describe how lifestyle influence beauty

Cultivate healthy relationships

Who you spend your time with influences how you look. How do you feel when you’re around people you love? Genuinely feeling happy, loved, and appreciated shows in your smile and the way you carry yourself.

Having healthy friendships has many benefits, including:

  • Longer life span

  • An Increased sense of purpose and belonging

  • Boosts happiness

  • Reduces stress

  • Strengthens coping mechanisms

Toxic relationships are stressful and create energy-sapping negative feelings. Cultivating a healthy circle of friends ensures that the people around you are contributing to your wellbeing.

Regular exercise

Moving the body is a primary component to keeping it healthy. Exercise doesn’t just keep the muscles strong. It also keeps your weight down, libido up, and blood circulating. As little as 30 minutes of activity per day has a lasting effect on your health and wellness. It increases energy levels, boosts happiness endorphins, and improves bone density. With all those abilities, it isn’t hard to understand how exercise makes us look our best.

Ditch the bad habits

Smoking, alcohol, and overeating are just a few of the bad habits that spell disaster for your looks. A diet full of processed foods leads to weight gain and problem skin. Alcohol and smoking cause puffiness, inflammation, and acne. When these habits are part of your everyday life, it shows in your appearance and health.

Practice self-love

One of the biggest hurdles to self-love is the constant barrage of perfection from social media, magazines, and the like. It’s tough to love a body with stretch marks, freckles, and scars when all you see are the perfect faces and bodies of Instagram and Tik Tok.

The first step is to realize that those images are not realistic. Besides the benefit of makeup artists and professional photographers, those photos are filtered and edited to appear perfect. Absolutely blemish-free, glowing skin doesn’t exist. The secret to true beauty is to learn to love the skin you’re in.

Take care of yourself to look your best

Taking care of yourself is the best way to let your natural beauty shine through. The Artistry of Essential Oils is a natural skincare and aromatherapy line that formulates plant-based, non-toxic products for mindfulness moments. Our focus is on educating people on the transformative emotional benefits of essential oils and how to integrate clean and natural products into every aspect of your life.

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