6 Ways Living Holistically Can Change Your Life

The words mind, body, and soul illuminated on balanced stones with the setting sun in      the background signify holistic living

A holistic lifestyle is a wise and meaningful way to bring more joy into your life

Key takeaways:

  • Holistic living is not a religious or spiritual path but a decision to make healthier, more mindful choices.

  • Yoga, aromatherapy, Reiki, and herbalism are all holistic healthcare practices used to treat illnesses.

  • Holistic life choices foster a greater appreciation for life.

Holistic living is much more than a buzz phrase on the back of a granola bar or words spoken by an Instagram influencer. It’s a mindful, healthy lifestyle choice and it can change your whole world.

The holistic approach to life is more common than we realize. Many people are making holistic choices without being aware of them. Holistic living means making choices that benefit your mind, body, and spirit. All-natural, healthy choices are a step toward more holistic living.

Your mind, body, and spirit work in unison. You want to balance all three of them because when one area is out of whack, you’ll feel bad overall. For instance, people under a lot of mental stress (mind) usually have trouble sleeping, which causes fatigue and possible physical illness (body), and eventually, they may become anxious and depressed (spirit).

In Western medicine, a holistic approach means the treatment focuses on the individual person as a whole unit instead of just the present symptoms. Holistic healthcare is a wonderful aid to common medical practices. Some of the most well-known holistic healthcare practices include:

  • Aromatherapy

  • Yoga

  • Herbalism

  • Natural medicine

  • Essential oils

  • Meditation

  • Massage

  • Reiki

These practices and therapies help more than just the body. They use organic, toxin-free methods to aid in healing the whole person and manage uncomfortable symptoms simultaneously.

Living in a way that is more natural to the body has a plethora of rewards. Making small, manageable changes with more green choices is a simple way to ease into holistic living naturally. Here are six simple ways to live a more holistic lifestyle and how it can change your life.

Clean eating

The body is our home, mode of transportation, and method of reproduction. Rational people don’t crash their cars or burn their houses down on purpose, so why do they put toxins and chemicals into their bodies? You should be fueling and nourishing your body with clean, organic food.

Clean eating improves physical health and mental wellbeing by incorporating more real, plant-based foods and less processed foods into your diet. The human body isn’t meant to consume the myriad chemical preservatives found in processed food. A diet of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, green tea, fish, and grass-fed cattle can make you feel like a million bucks.

Repurpose your energy

A key part of living a more holistic life is to consider how your existence impacts the environment. Wasting less and recycling more is a start but also consider recycling your knowledge, humor, and advice.

Repurpose your energy by doing something for the world around you. Lending an ear to a troubled friend, buying someone a coffee, or helping a neighbor take out the trash makes the world a better place and makes you feel fantastic in the process. Even a simple smile to a stranger on the street has the power to change both of your days.

Expand your mind

Learning new things helps people expand their humanity, education, and worldview. It doesn’t change who you are but makes you a fuller version of yourself, better able to understand others and express yourself.

Reading new books, seeking out new information, talking to people who know things you want to know, and enrolling in educational courses can open an exciting new world to explore.

Glass jars of holistic herbs on a wooden worktable signifies holistic choices

Slow down

One of the funnest ways to enjoy a holistic life is by slowing down and making time for things that add substance to your day. So many people run around all day in a constant state of busyness but not many of the activities they so hurriedly check off their to-do lists add any real value to their lives.