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Woman's Warrior Oil - Clary Sage

If you have met me in person, you have heard me say at least once, “every woman should have clary sage essential oil in her purse!” Touted as ‘woman’s warrior oil,’ because of its antidepressant, antifungal, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties, clary sage is my go-to blend for those days when my emotions are a wreck! Whether we're talking stress, PMS, hot flashes or anxiety, women can benefit from learning how clary sage (Salvia sclarea) can help with hormonal balance and stress management.

Clary sage has been used for centuries and is quickly re-emerging as a major aromatic ally for women due to its high element of linalyl acetate which aids in hormonal balance and feelings of well-being. Clary sage is steam distilled from the flowering plant and has a soft sweet-herbaceous aroma with a woody undertone. It originates from the Mediterranean and Africa.

Why It's Effective

Clary sage is extremely effective for supporting and harmonizing estrogen balance. This can be beneficial if you are struggling with PMS, irregular cycles, or menopause-related symptoms. Throughout our lives, we will face times of hormonal imbalance due to fluctuating estrogen levels. In addition, our environment exposes us to various synthetic forms of estrogen that disrupt normal function. Adding clary sage to your wellness practice can help combat the myriad of symptoms that can stem from hormonal imbalances. Keep reading to learn more about its health benefits.

Health Benefits

1. Creating Emotional Balance – On those days when your emotions are all over the place and you feel out of balance, clary sage helps to reduce anxiety and calm the mind. It can also help to open the creative pathway to the mind and unblock stagnant energy.

2. Aides in Relieving Menstrual Discomfort - Clary sage works to regulate the menstrual cycle by balancing hormone levels naturally and stimulating the opening of an obstructed system. Helps with bloating, cramps, and mood swings.

3. Supports Hormonal Balance - Clary sage affects the hormones of the body because it contains natural phytoestrogens, that are derived from plants and not within the endocrine system. These phytoestrogens give clary sage the ability to cause estrogenic effects. It regulates estrogen levels and supports the health of the uterus.

4. Lowering Stress - High stress and cortisol levels can aid in causing irregular periods, weight gain and contribute to fatigue. A 2014 study published in the Journal of Phytotherapy Research found that inhalation of clary sage oil had the ability to reduce cortisol levels by 36 percent and improved thyroid hormone levels and improving the mood. Other reports indicated that clary sage helps to boost confidence and relieve anxiety and depression.

5. Helps with Insomnia - Insomnia and poor sleep quality is a common symptom of hormonal imbalance. Clary sage has a naturally calming and sedative effect that helps to improve insomnia. By lowering cortisol levels and inducing a sense of relaxation, clary sage helps to improve sleep quality. It’s also known to help one with dreaming but keeping a clear point of view of what is real.

Clary Sage Recipe Blend for PMS Ease

PMS Ease Massage

In a 1 oz glass bottle:

  • 4 drops of clary sage

  • 18 drops lavender

  • 4 drops marjoram

Fill remaining bottle with Jojoba Oil

Massage on your lower abdomen

Hot Flashes Blend, try our Hormone Balance Wellness Blend which is infused with Clary Sage, Rosemary and Geranium.

Ladies, we are powerful and multifaceted goddesses! We don’t have to feel like victims of our emotions; by using one of nature’s most trusted weapons, clary sage, we can regain inner harmony when we are feeling emotional and out of whack. I’d love to hear about your experience with clary sage! Connect with me on social media and let me know how adding it to your self care ritual has improved your overall wellbeing!

As always … Be Well!


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