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Using Sense of Smell to Handle Anxiety

The last couple of weeks and more specifically the last couple of days have had most of us experiencing various of levels of anxiety, stress and uncertainty. During times like these as we try to comprehend and deal with the circumstances that surround us, it’s also important to allow ourselves to have that moment of “pause” to keep the sanity, as well as, safety in our lives.

It’s also in these moments that we need to ensure we are managing our mental (mindset) and physical health so we can support not only ourselves but those around us.

You often hear people give advice to “just breathe” when you are in a moment of anxiousness. In that moment, hearing someone say “just breathe” doesn’t seem as if it will resolve your problems or calm your anxiety. In reality though, there is actual science behind the notion of inhaling and exhaling when you’re experiencing anxiety—and how essential oils can support this practice in a major way.

There are many reasons for the onset of someone experiencing anxiety and not being able to quiet your mind. Inhaling essential oils can help quiet that constant chatter that’s in your head, and help you reconnect the mind and body in a healing way.

It’s been proven that using essential oils or aromatherapy is a holistic approach to healing. If you feel like you might be having a panic attack or are just dealing with an anxious moment, smelling certain scents can help slow down that rush you’re feeling.

Reason why, the nerve endings in your nose have a direct impact on the part of your brain that manufactures the hormones responsible for emotional reactions. When our sense of smell is triggered in our brain it activates our emotions. Because of this, given scents can influence how you respond to anxious or stressful situations.

You can smell a certain essential oil to help you lower nervous energy and trigger your body to instead go into a state of calm.

As we navigate through the next week, 30 – 60 days, when going through a moment of anxiousness below are suggested oils to help give you a sense of calm and the “pause” moment that you need to readjust your mindset.

Suggested Oils for Calming the Mind

The earthy green herb works wonders for relieving stress and centering an overwhelmed mind. Rosemary is great for clarity and helps you focus when there’s too much going on and can bring a tremendous calm to someone who’s feeling scattered.

Lavender has been long realized as one of the most popular essential oils and known for its calming attributes. Lavender is really good for shutting down that overactive thinking loop that can happen with anxiety and shifts you from busy mode to a calmer one.

Clary Sage with its soft sweet herbaceous odor with a bit of a woodsy undertone is often used to help balance hormones. It’s been said that clary sage works to restore weak conditions and relax tense conditions. Clary Sage can help relieve that ‘holding-in’ in the body, which helps you relax.

Smelling chamomile before bed is extremely calming. In addition to the relaxant and calming benefits, chamomile is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Chamomile is very beneficial when experiencing a burst of anger or an emotional encounter.

5. Pine

An intoxicating fresh tree scent that is scientifically proven to clear out inflammation in your bronchial passageways. Oils like pine, spruce, and fir can help slow down your breath and allow you to take deeper inhalations, which subdues your overactive mind.


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