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Struggling with Memory and Focus?

If you are like most people today you probably are finding yourself forgetting minor things, forgetting thoughts that come to mind within minutes or forgetting to respond to messages.

Stress and aging are natural factors to make forgetfulness and memory loss a common occurrence. When you add in an almost six-month long pandemic, it makes it an almost daily certainty that it will happen.

Your sense of smell has a powerful effect on your brain's many functions. Any aroma you breathe in affects your limbic system, which impacts learning and memory. There is some good news as there are ways to strengthen your memory and improve cognitive function with essential oils. In addition to their emotional uplifting properties, essential oils can also support the ability to sharpen your focus and improve your short-term memory.

We will identify a couple of essential oils to aid in this process.


Rosemary, an herb of remembrance, is not just an herb to use in cooking, but it has been proven to be a powerful essential oil to support memory and alertness. The oil is rich in molecules that support our overall wellbeing and a stimulant that will combat mental fatigue which aids in enhancing memory. In addition, reports have shown that Rosemary can improve the speed of memory recall. Try diffusing 6 drops of Rosemary in the morning and applying 1 drop to the sole of your feet.


Frankincense is excellent in supporting several emotional and health issues, one being memory retention. Frankincense is high in a compound, sesquiterpenes, that oxygenates the brain and can work to improve memory retention. When you find yourself not being able to focus, try diffusing a couple of drops of Frankincense to center your mind.


Peppermint essential oil is perfect to use when you are having a brain fog as it works in stimulating alertness and visual attention, all working to improve the quality of memory. Peppermint is energizing, uplifting and works to get you moving and focused. Try diffusing a couple of drops of peppermint to help you better absorb the information you read.


Vetiver is known as one of the best oils to help with grounding and focusing your mind. It is known to help promote clear thinking and increased concentration.

Brain Boost Diffuser Blend

3 drops of Frankincense

2 drops of Vetiver

2 drops of Peppermint

You can also try our Grounding Wellness Rollerball Blend with Frankincense, Vetiver and Patchouli.

Here's to increased focused and memory!


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