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Spring Renewal to Invigorate Your Wellness Routine

The beautiful spring came; and when nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also.” -Harriet Ann Jacobs

“Spring adds new life and new beauty to all that is.” -Jessica Harrelson

A slightly crisp breeze caressing the trees in the morning, sunrise peeking through your window just after 7:00AM, the cheery chirping of birds filling the air…these things serve as beautiful reminders that Spring has arrived and there is an energy of renewal in the air!

Along with the warmer weather, spring gives us fresh energy and a new beginning. Spring is the perfect time to clear out emotional clutter, set new priorities, challenge limiting beliefs and reenergize yourself…mind, body, and spirit. Just as flowers bloom in the spring, a renewed and reenergized YOU can bloom, too! Keep reading for tips on how to cultivate a spirit of renewal for your overall wellbeing this season.

Set New Intentions

You can begin this process by asking yourself questions like, “what is going well for me?” “What is no longer serving me?” “What could use realignment or reworking? “Taking quiet time for introspection allows you to examine your priorities and make adjustments if necessary. Utilizing the newness of this season to reset your intentions is powerful. Doing so will ensure that you are in alignment with your personal goals and give you a renewed sense of focus for the remainder of your year.

Switch up Your Scents

The joy of spring is exactly what I had in mind when I formulated our Joyful clean fragrance oil. This TAOEO top seller boasts a rich, sweet, floral, and earthy aroma with subtle woodsy notes. It includes neroli, palmarosa, jasmine, palo santo, ylang ylang & vetiver essential oils. If you are looking to switch up your signature scent for the new season, our Joyful fragrance is for you! Apply to your wrists, behind your elbows and inner thigh before you head out the door. This heavenly scent is sure to leave an impression on everyone who is fortunate enough to walk past you. Bonus tip: Try a palm inhalation with our Joy rollerball blend. You will feel a warm smile spread slowly across your face as you inhale the light and airy citrus combination of lemon, tangerine, and grapefruit!

Create Space by Decluttering…Hello Spring Cleaning!

Has that box in your attic worn out its welcome over the past few years? Spring is the perfect time to get rid of it. Decluttering your home environment is deeply beneficial to your overall wellbeing. When we live in a cluttered physical space, it creates a cluttered mental space in our minds. This can leave us more susceptible to low mood, stress, and anxiety. Set aside time for spring cleaning or hire a cleaning service to deep clean your home. It seems like a small task, but it can make a world of difference in how you feel!

I’d like to challenge you to do a quick experiment. Before you start your spring cleaning, take about 5 minutes to journal. Just jot down how you are feeling in that moment. Take note of the room or area that you plan to clean and write about how you feel as you sit in that space. After you’ve cleaned the area, take another 5 minutes to journal about how you feel now that the space is clean and clutter free. Notice a difference in your mood?

Use the beauty and freshness of springtime to take inventory of your health and life and begin making life-enhancing changes one step at a time. Release the things that no longer serve you or drain you and value what brings you joy. As you simplify, life becomes more rewarding.

Be Well!


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