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Reset Your Energy Holistically

Staying with our theme of shifting our energy to the positive, it’s just mid-January and it seems we already need a reset. We all need a reset—and sometimes even multiple resets—throughout the day. Using our purposefully crafted oil blends are a perfect way to make this part of your daily balancing routine. By cultivating a practice of energy shifting, you can learn to soothe anxiety and balance unsettled feelings or emotions. Keep reading for some of my best tips for shifting your mood during stressful times!

Find your perfect TAOEO blends

Selecting the right TAOEO blends to help you reset when you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed or anxious is a great first step to shift your energy. Understanding the benefits of each blend can help you be more intentional in your selections. For example, if you are feeling a little down or suffering from low self-esteem, the Frankincense in our Stress Away blend is a perfect way to uplift your mood; this blend also contains Lavender for soothing and calming. Bergamot, Geranium, Lemon and Cypress are also great choices for soothing, calming and centering. By placing a few drops of oil in your palms and inhaling the oils, you will not only receive the benefits of the oils themselves, you will also allow your mind and body a chance to reset and find serenity during times of distress. Taking deep breaths gives your body and brain the boost of oxygen that it needs to regain balance.

Create a ‘reset’ room or calming area in your home

Creating calming places in your home can be a major asset in helping you find your core sense of wellbeing and balance. This could be a favorite room in your home or maybe even your backyard; anywhere that you can be still and quiet is a great place to call your reset room! You’ll want to ensure that the room’s feng shui is conducive to relaxation. Cool colors like teal and green are calming. Opt for décor in a cool tone to help set a calm mood in your reset room. A comfy place to sit, cozy pillows and/or blankets and a small table for a cup of hot tea and your favorite books. Get creative, have fun choosing a theme for the room and incorporate things that make you feel calm, centered and balanced. Think of this room as a sanctuary in your home.

Be intentional in shifting your energy

Feeling stressed after a long day at work? Disappointments from friends or family members? Just stepped on a Lego for the 12th time today? Whatever the activating event that led to you feeling the need to reset is simply an opportunity for you to use the power of your mind to shift your energy. Set an intention of returning to balance with a simple mantra to interrupt your current thought pattern. Some examples are:

· “I will not allow the stress from my day to follow me home tonight”

· “I am thankful for the great friendships in my life”

· “I choose peace and comfort over stress and worry”

Implementing this simple practice of shifting your energy will help you return to a centered and calm mindset.

This year, make a habit of taking inventory of your energy. Take frequent breaks throughout the day to check in with yourself and notice how you are feeling. Learn your body’s signals for stress or negative energy. Be aware of and in tune with things that trigger negative energy for you. When you do this often, shifting negative energy to positive energy will become second nature for you. You will intuitively feel when it's time to get your favorite TAOEO blend, go to your reset room and shift that energy! As a result, you will experience improved mood, better stress management, enhanced focus and mental clarity and better overall wellbeing. Remember, you are in control of your mood, thoughts and emotions; they are not in control of you.

Be Well!

You can reset your energy with our essential oils for aromatherapy. We offer clean fragrance and beauty for your health and wellness. Get in touch with us today and discover the healing benefits of essential oils.


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