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Our Fave Ways to Add Essential Oils Everywhere You Go

From diffusers to custom roller blends, it's so easy to make essential oils part of your daily routine. Check out our fave ways to integrate them into everyday life.

At Home

It’s so easy to incorporate essential oils into your daily routine starting in the morning at home. Applying a blend like Spiritual just before praying, meditating or doing a morning stretch can help center your mind and put you in a zen-like place to start the day. Diffusing blends with sandalwood, bergamot and lavender essential oils add a fresh, calming scent to your home giving it that spa-like feel all the time. In the bathroom, oils can be used multiple ways. Adding hydrosol spritz and facial oils to your skincare routine promotes elasticity, anti-aging and just an overall more youthful appearance for your skin. Oils are awesome, safe and non-toxic for children, so adding a rollerball blend to their daily routine can be new and fun! Immunity Booster, Joy and Sleep Well are my personal favorites to help support their overall emotional wellness and yours.

At the Office

This is the place I think we miss most and probably need support more often! Focusing at work is a constant struggle, whether it’s wanting to take that morning stroll through Facebook or you’ve hit the 2 o’clock wall in the afternoon. Oils featuring lavender, chamomile and mandarin can help you focus and recharge throughout the day, allowing you to wake up and meet those deadlines! Nine times out of ten, you’ll also have the office that smells the best.

At the Gym – Before, during and after workouts it’s so important to take care of aching muscles. Applying oils to the wrists and affected areas can deliver deep relief and have a similar effect to popular medicated ointments, but in an all-natural form. Essential oil blends can also be used to promote better circulation, reduce swelling and have anti-inflammatory properties.

In the Kitchen

Lastly, in the kitchen is my absolute favorite place to use oils! Pure oils that are approved for digestion can be incredible in food. You can use them in marinades, sauces and dips. From oregano to thyme to lemon, the possibilities are endless! Don’t stop there. Oils can be used to make all-natural soaps, anti-bacterial sprays for fruits and vegetables and natural cleaning products.

Essential Oils are all around us and it’s so easy to incorporate them into every area of your life. From home to the office, with the kids and at the gym, there are countless places to infuse them. These are a few of my favorites, and I encourage you to come up with your own. For more info on using oils contact me at:


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