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Journaling to Support Mental Health

Journaling to Support Your Mental Health + Sense of Wellbeing

With May being Mental Health Awareness month, I wanted to spotlight one of my favorite ways to express myself. I have always enjoyed journaling. I find it therapeutic and a wonderful way to review my progress over periods of time. I find few things more comforting than curling up on my couch with a cup of tea, my Joy or Hormone Balance roll-on blend, my favorite journal + pen, and allowing the words to flow effortlessly from my mind on to the pages.

My love for journaling inspired me to create and release a journal of my own. I am so excited about the upcoming release of Breathe…Be You, the first official TAOEO journal! This is a passion project that has been on my heart for quite some time and I cannot wait to share it with you in a few weeks! For now, keep reading to learn about three benefits I have experienced by making journaling a consistent part of my self-care routine.

More Mindfulness and Presence in the Moment

The mind is always thinking. Sometimes, the constant loop of thoughts can be tiring or distracting. It is easy to become wrapped up in thinking about our to-do lists, meetings, deadlines, obligations, etc. When we find ourselves stuck in thought spirals, we can become easily overwhelmed and stressed. However, journaling provides an exit for our thoughts. Journaling clears the mind and can thus soothe anxiety, improve low mood, and allow us to be fully present in the moment. The next time you journal, take a few moments for a palm inhalation with our Grounding roll-on blend before you get started. Once you have finished journaling, compare your mood before you started journaling to how you are feeling now. Can you tell a difference?

Enhanced Introspection

One of the main things I love about journaling is looking back at old journal entries. This is impactful during times of growth and transition. Reviewing your journal gives you a chance to see how far you have come. It can also provide insight to how you thought in previous times. As you review your journal, ask yourself questions like “what did I learn from that situation?” “How have I changed since then?” “In what ways have I stayed the same?” Asking these kinds of questions is practicing self-care by taking time to reflect on where you have been. Be sure to give yourself positive reinforcement for overcoming past challenges!

Improved Creativity

Creativity is an essential facet of our holistic wellbeing; without it, colors are not as bright and life does not feel as magical! When we write, we get in ‘the zone’ – or flow state as it’s referred to in psychology. Being in flow happens when we are completely immersed in an activity. When we are in flow, our minds are in a meditative state and thus free from distractions and limits. Flow state allows your mind to run wild with creativity! If you’ve been trying to tap into your creative side or come up with new and exciting ideas for something, incorporate free writing in your daily schedule. According to experts, free writing for ten minutes every day can do wonders for your creativity. Getting started is easy, just pick any random topic that comes to mind, set a timer for ten minutes, and let your thoughts and words flow! For an enhanced boost, start your daily free writing session with a palm inhalation using our Focus and Energize roll-on blends. Focus is infused with grapefruit, bergamot, and lavender which supports learning and concentration. Peppermint, grapefruit, and lime culminate for a bright and airy punch of energy in our Energize blend. Either blend would be a great way to get your creative juices flowing and begin your daily free writing practice!

I can’t wait to introduce you to Breathe…and Be You later this month. Throughout the journal you will find inspirational quotes, thought provoking writing prompts and delicious essential oil blends to support and uplift your mental health. Let’s use Mental Health Awareness month to dive deep into improving our overall sense of wellbeing by focusing on activities that nourish and enrich us. Let’s encourage our friends and family to do the same!

Are you an avid journal-er? How has journaling impacted you? I’d love to hear about how journaling supports your mental health! Leave me a comment below or connect with me on

social media and let me know!

Happy Journaling!


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