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Journaling for Harmony

I have had the idea and desire to publish a journal for years. In the digital age, I wanted to design a journal rich and tactile for those who love nothing more than the feel of a fine tip pen gliding across the weight of excellent quality paper as they chronicle their innermost thoughts, feelings, and emotions. I wanted to develop a journal that people could connect with; something that would inspire people to make self-care a top priority and mindfulness a close second. Much like when I decided to start The Artistry of Essential Oils, I wanted to create something that would uplift low mood, soothe anxiety, and help people come back to center.

Breathe…and Be You is more than a journal; it is a mindfulness experience in which you will find inspirational quotes, simple yet thought provoking journaling prompts, and essential oil blend recommendations to uplift your energy as you pour your thoughts onto the pages. Using Breathe…and Be You along your mindfulness journey will be the perfect companion in helping you to achieve inner harmony and balance.

In a world consumed with perfection, social media and the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life, I want Breathe…and Be You to serve as a reminder that you are fine, just the way you are. As you expand and deepen your consciousness, you will realize that you do not need to do more to experience fulfillment. In fact, when you focus less on doing and focus more on being, life becomes truly magical. Life is not about the destination; it is about the journey. It is easy to forget or become distracted from this when we are busy and preoccupied with living life. However, the most important thing you can do for yourself is to just breathe…and be YOU!

Get a copy of Breathe…Be You for yourself and someone you love. I cannot wait to hear how using the journal helps and inspires you!


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