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Maintaining Gut Health Wealth Using Essential Oils

If we are the universe, then our guts are the center of that universe. Everything begins in this sacred place. The gut is how we receive nourishment, and even plays a major part in regulating our hormones, brains and fighting off unfriendly viruses. Unfortunately, this vital part of our bodies can often be overlooked or misunderstood. It’s not enough to take the occasional probiotic or stick to fruits and vegetables versus that bacon cheeseburger and fries. Although the gut is filled with complexities, it does not have to be overwhelming. Here are a few tips on how to maintain glorious gut health by using essential oils.

Ginger Essential Oil

Helpful for nausea, indigestion, vomiting, stomachaches and even colic, ginger essential oil may become your belly’s best friend. This powerful oil has been shown to be extremely effective for upset stomachs and creating gastroprotective activity. Ginger oil has a calming effect on the stomach and may even be useful in reducing hemorrhaging in the stomach wall. When taken orally or inhaled, remember to properly dilute the oil.

Fennel Essential Oil

Rich in antioxidants, fennel essential oil is incredibly beneficial for the digestive tract. It has shown to significantly help in reducing colic in infants, relieve constipation and reduce unsightly bloating. Try rubbing a few drops of fennel plus a carrier oil such as coconut oil on your stomach for relief from an upset stomach. The oil has also shown promising results when it comes to help with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and diarrhea. As an added bonus, fennel essential oil may aid in weight loss.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Not only does peppermint essential oil work as a great breath freshener, pain reliever and topical treatment for irritated skin, it hosts an array of benefits for the gut. Similarly, to ginger essential oil it can be used to fight nausea, upset stomach and IBS symptoms. Expectant mothers experiencing morning sickness may consider diluting peppermint oil in a tea to help alleviate vomiting. The oil is also helpful at ridding the body of bloating, cramps and excessive gas. The oil may be diluted using a carrier oil or try inhaling using a diffuser. Additionally, peppermint oil can provide you with a major boost of energy.

Lavender Essential Oil

Often used as an aid for sleep and stress, lavender essential oil is also effective in promoting a healthy digestive system. Shown to increase the secretion of juices within the digestive tract, lavender essential oil helps keep healthy gut bacteria happy while destroying harmful bacteria. The oil may reduce issues such indigestion, abdominal swelling, upset stomach and gas. When experiencing stomach issues, particularly before bed, consider diffusing the oil, making a tea or using it during aromatherapy.

Our TAOEO muscle relief oil doubles as a wonderful abdominal blend that you can massage on your stomach to ease cramps and assist with digestion.

Maintaining proper gut health is essential to every part of our lives. We must take time to consider what we are consuming, not only when it comes to food but our spiritual and emotional diets too.

Afterall, when it comes to stress and even joy, we feel it in our guts first. So, go with your gut, after all it knows best.


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