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Essential Oils for Happiness

Looking for a little happy right now? Are you trying to stay positive, searching for the silver lining, wondering how to keep your mood uplifted...there is an answer. First of all, you should know, you are not alone. During these times, even the most optimistic person might struggle on certain days to stay positive.

For most, you have to be intentional and proactive in changing your daily habits or make lifestyle changes.

Along with making habit or lifestyle changes you can also add mood-boosting essential oils to increase your joy. The happiest people find the good even in difficult situations. Its not always easy to maintain happiness but with practice it becomes a little easier everyday.

Essential Oils can prove to be a best daily accessory to improve your happiness and help to decrease stress and anxiety. Our emotional health can directly influence how the rest of our body feels and functions. Emotional health affects how we make decisions, how we interact with others and how we respond to events that happen in life.

We, at TAOEO, have put together a list of essential oils that can be effective in managing your daily moods, whether you have occasional bouts of anxiety or experience a drop in mood.

Below are suggested oils to help boost your happiness:

Sweet Orange:

Sweet, sweet, sweet orange, one of TAOEO's favorites. The fresh energizing and uplifting aroma can provide energy even on a stresful day. Sweet Orange has a refreshing scent that helps to inspire feelings of energy, joy and abundance. Sweet Orange has also been found to have antideprssant effects when the aroma is inhaled.


Frankincense, with its grounding and uplifting aroma, all in one, its a good choice for practicing meditationv and helping you to find your purpose which brings an increased joy.


The name alone exudes happiness. Another fave for TAOEO to uplift your mood immediately is Grapefruit. To refocus on everything is your life that is going right, Grapefruit can create a happy outlook and feeling of gratitude. In addition, Grapefruit is an excellent stress reliever and beneficial in decreasing mental fatigue.


Peppermint is a great oil to use in the morning to help you wake up and get going in the morning. Also good to use when you are having a hard time focusing due to mental exhaustion. The great cool and refreshing scent can help you feel energized and alive. Studies have shown Peppermint essential oil can enhance memory and increased alertness.


Not surprising that Lavender is one of the most versatile and widely used essential oils due to its calming properties. Its also effective in easing depression, headaches and anxiety which can result in uplifting your mood.

Remember, essential oils can be used to promote happiness and mood uplift but its still important to ensure you are practicing daily healthy habits for overall emotional health such as, quality sleep, exercise and getting a touch of nature by getting time outside.

How to use oils. Apply a few drops on your wrists and inhale, massage on the base of your neck, or use 5-10 drops in an essential oils diffuser.

Discover your favorite oils. Try smelling a few oils with your eyes closed to determine which ones appeal to your emotions.

Never underestimate the power of a good oil blend on a bad day!

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