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Can I use Essential Oils with my Four Legged Furry Children?

I’ve been asked the question many times, “can I use essential oils with my dogs?” As essential oils continue to become increasingly popular and people are looking for

Yes, essential oils can safely be used around dogs. High quality essential oils can provide valuable benefits to your dog specifically emotional benefits.

Under no circumstances should your dog ever eat or ingest essential oils. Oral ingestion of essential oils leads to rapid absorption of them through the mucous membranes inside the mouth and get further metabolized through the liver. Very young dogs and puppies especially are even more sensitive to these potentially toxic effects.

The best way to use essential oils with your dog is through diffusing oils in a diffuser, a simple, easy and effective way to disperse essential oil molecules quickly in the environment.

While diffusing oils can benefit not only ourselves but also our dogs, we need to take extra care when using a diffuser around our dogs.

Quick Safety Tips:

1. Always give your dog a way out. Never confine your dog so they can’t leave a room where oils are being diffused. Be sure they can freely go in and out as they see fit.

2. Don’t diffuse “hot”, spicy and strong oils (clove, ginger, nutmeg, black pepper etc.)

3. Diffuse in short segments, 15 minutes, break for 15, diffuse for can do this several times throughout the day.

4. Keep diffuser and essential oils out of reach of dogs.

5. Observe your dog closely when diffusing oils for the first time to check for any signs of discomfort or stress.

Suggested Dog Friendly Oils

Oils to diffuse for Calming:


-Roman Chamomile



Oils to Promote Sleep (best to diffuse 30 minutes prior to sleep)



-Roman Chamomile


-Sweet Marjoram

Oils to Support Easy Breathing




Peaceful Pup Blend (this happens to be my little's favorite)


Remember, Only use 100% pure essential oils. While most dogs have little to no problem with essential oils, you will want to be careful with this experience. Puppies under 10 weeks of age, very old dogs and pregnant dogs will be more sensitive and should be watched with extra care.

Happy Oiling!!!


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