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4 Powerful Essential Oils For Opening the Heart

The heart plays such an important role in our lives, most obvious in keeping us alive but it's also the center place for our feelings and where we give and receive love. Our hearts are the most powerful forces of connection we have with one another.

In reacting to the world and actions around us, our hearts can quickly become heavy and closed due to loss, grief or negative experiences in our life. It's natural for us to shut down when we feel the weight of emotions. The truth is though, it is only when we fully open our hearts, we can give and receive love freely without fear, judgement and self-consciousness. To do so, we need to neutralize negative feelings and emotions.

Essential Oils are a wonderful tool in helping to shift our emotions to the positive. There are several essential oils that you can use to support opening up your heart. Below are four different essential oils to help you through the process of strengthening and expanding your heart-centered state.

4 Powerful Essential Oils for Opening Your Heart - Diffuser Blend - 3 drops of each oil

  1. Cypress - influences and strengthens the heart and helps to release feelings of grief and loss. Creates a sense of grounding and helps to heal emotions. (Cypress is used in our Spiritual and Rejuvenate Wellness Rollerball Blends)

  2. Sandalwood - enhances inner peace and self-confidence by helping us to let go of anxiety and worries. (Sandalwood is used in our Spa Day and Rejuvenate Diffuser Blends and Rejuvenate, Spiritual and Calm Comfort Wellness Rollerball Blends)

  3. Frankincense - helps to release negative emotions and provides tranquility, has a deeply clarifying effect on the mind (Frankincense is used in our Grounding Wellness Rollerball Blend and Rejuvenate, Emotional Release and Let's Get Creative Diffuser Blends)

  4. Ylang Ylang - known as the Heart Oil, is effective in boosting one's mood, promoting feelings of positivity, happiness and optimism. (Ylang Ylang is used in our Zen and Romance Wellness Rollerball Blend, Anxiety Ease Diffuser Blend and Alive Botanical Fragrance)

You can use this blend with your yoga practice, meditation, before you go for a walk or having a conversation with someone or simply using it in your diffuser while you work.


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